Schedule a Training

The Conveners of Connected Resilience Training is a 4-session series  for those who wish to be more conversant in the Deep Adaptation practices.

Summer-Fall 2024 Training dates:  July 24,  August 7,  21 and September 4.  Pacific Time: 12-1:30pm

No fee. Only gift economy donation requested.


The series is particularly useful for those who wish to co-facilitate Circles of Adaption; or who intend to bring adaptation more visibly and viscerally to their communities.

Whether or not you go on to do these things, the training invites participants to adapt locally, responding to the climate crisis and societal break-down from a more grounded and creative place. And then, to invite others to do the same.

The design and facilitation of this offering costs Project Adapt approximately $200 per participant. We do not charge for the instruction but rather invite everyone, as they are willing and able, to make a sliding-scale donation reflective of your financial ability ($60-$250).

We make this request at the end of the course. The 4-session series takes place online (in-person by arrangement) and we would love to have you with us!

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