It’s time to adapt.

We need a radically different way of life. Together, we are learning resilience, relinquishment, reverence, restoration, and reconciliation. We each have a role.

Climate Chaos is Here

Whether or not action is taken to reverse global warming, to survive and thrive, Project Adapt believes we need a radically different way of life that allows us to embrace change, weather despair, source from love, act from generosity, and move together with trust. We offer practical climate change adaptation skills needed for living and loving within Earth’s natural cycles.

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Scholars of Religion, Clergy of all Faiths, Spiritual Teachers and Mentors
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Our Vision & Mission

Project Adapt prepares local communities to become centers of connected resilience by embracing reverence for Earth, tending relationships and co-creating just, joyful and regenerative ways of being on the planet.

Supported and animated by these centers of connected resilience, people are intentionally choosing to adapt to climate change, living and working in relationship with Earth’s cycles.