About Project ADAPT

“Collapse is already underway, just unevenly distributed.” – Jem Bendell

Recognizing the importance of cultural and social location, Project Adapt works collaboratively with a team of “cultural advisors,” inviting ongoing feedback and critique. Our most trustworthy future will arise only when all voices and ages are present, especially those who are oppressed in our current society and the ones who will inherit what is to come.

As we face the widespread and multi-layered break-down of climate chaos, the facilitated trainings hosted by Project Adapt embrace interfaith, multi-cultural, inter-species perspectives as well as adaptation practices for individuals and communities. In this way, Project Adapt invites us to implement the changes needed for living, loving and dying within Earth’s natural cycles. By addressing the reality of what will be in the short and longer term, we join together with the youngest among us to tend our collective future.

Meet our Team

Cultural Advisors