Becoming Adaptive

“I think it is healing behavior, to look at something so broken and see the possibility and wholeness in it.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

Connected Resilience

We live in a society that has encouraged us to think and act as individuals, but indigenous cultures and open source practices remind us of what we know in our core: we are stronger, more imaginative, and kinder when we think and act together, in community.

Connected Resilience circles are a place where we come together to acknowledge the places in our lives that feel disconnected, imbalanced, outsourced, wrongly-sized, and un-prepared.

Here we embrace alternative ways to be engaged in life with others. This is adaptation.  Adaptation is not a static destination but dynamic and emerging. Adaptation is rooted in reverence (relationships with what we hold most dear) and grows us toward greater and greater resilience.

Project Adapt’s approach and offerings work collaboratively with Deep Adaptation, a collection of ideas put forth by Professor, author, and founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, Jem Bendell.

Deep Adaptation “R” Framework

The Project Adapt “R” framework asks these questions:



    In what ways and in what spaces can we recognize and reclaim Reverence as a primary and trustworthy source of guidance?


    In what ways can people and communities let go of certain assets, behaviors and beliefs in order to not make matters worse?


    What can we bring back to help us with the coming difficulties and tragedies?


    How might we live and die well, and with love, by acknowledging that we are part of the cause and part of the solution?


    Knowing that we cannot stop climate chaos, in what ways can we adapt to the changing circumstances…and then adapt again…and again?

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