Reverence & Resilience

“Reverence brings courage. Reverence brings knowledge. Reverence brings skill. Reverence brings healing… If reverence brings all these things, then what brings reverence? The gateway to reverence is enchantment.” – Charles Eisenstein

Where do you feel reverence?

Staring at the stars? Hearing the “hush” that permeates a cave or cathedral? Digging in the soil, singing a lullaby, or scaling a mountain? When reverence shows up, it places us within the family of all beings. It calls us home and propels us to care for future generations. It’s also very grounding as we strive to become more adaptive!

So often, in the stories of those whose ancestors survived forced relocation, enslavement or genocide, there is a quiet, steady source of trust…hope? Resilience?

What if our inspiration came from our reverent awareness that our one temporary existence is amazingly precious and…enough?

Encounters with reverence encourage us to live fully and give generously, because we know that we will not always be in this body, contributing and experiencing in this way. Can that be more fantastic than fearsome?  More optimistic than pessimistic?

While adaptation is essential for all people, everywhere, we believe it happens most effectively in community… and ripples out from there. When we bring reverence into our actions, we create resilience. And when we do this together, we experience connective, collective resilience.

Project Adapt provides practices and tools to be doing more of this, right now, in our homes, neighborhoods, and cities.

The state of our world is calling us on a journey of uncertainty.  As it has always been for those living close to Earth, let’s ask reverence and resilience combined to be our hope.

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